FlowXpert™ Waterjet cutting software

Easy to Use Software puts YOU in Production Fast

FlowMaster®, Flow’s intelligent waterjet control system puts you into production quickly, regardless of the complexity of the part. Windows®-based FlowMaster is smarter and easier-to-use than any machine controller available.

It sets the correct acceleration, speed, and piercing parameters with its advanced capabilities and integral modeling. All machine and pump functions are controlled and displayed by FlowMaster. This allows you to easily control the cutting system and monitor the progress of a cut from one standard location.


No Knowledge of CNC or Waterjet Cutting Required
Our software eliminates the need for extensive training because no CNC programming or complex computer language is used. All that is required of the operator is to enter basic cutting parameters, such as material type, thickness, and desired edge finish, and FlowMaster does the rest.

Workers of all skill levels will be able to quickly and easily machine quality parts, increasing the productivity of your shop.
Process Settings for All Materials are Preprogrammed

FlowMaster also contains an integrated database of cutting parameters for virtually any material and thickness. Any standard drawing format (dxf, iges, etc.) can be seamlessly imported or created with the built-in CAD functionality.

FlowMaster fully optimizes cutting speeds, cutting path and machining parameters for all materials automatically. You don’t have to do a thing.

FlowMaster algorithms and cutting models are the most advanced in the world, saving you hours of programming and setup time on every job.