Hyplex® Prime Waterjet pumps

The HyPlex Prime pump represents the next generation of highly efficient, direct drive ultrahigh-pressure waterjet pumps.

Less Downtime
HyPlex Prime pumps combine patented HyperJet technology features with direct drive efficiency. Hyplex Hybrid style seals are standard equipment and increase the maintenance intervals over prior models.

Modular Design:
The Hyplex Prime is a highly modular design that allows for customized pump performance at a production level price. Listed below are just a few ways in which the Hyplex Prime can be adapted to meet a wide range of customer needs:

Wide variety of horsepower, voltage, and frequency combinations available.
Different feature levels allow a pump to be tailored to specific customer needs.
Dual pressure control, infinitely variable pressure control, sensor packages, etc.
Small foot print with easy access to all serviceable components.

Pac-V Technology
The HyPlex Prime pump utilizes our exclusive patented Pac-V technology – a pressure control valve that ensures a quick response when changing operating pressure or opening and closing the flow of water through the cutting head. Pac-V technology allows much easier and more reliable use than designs that utilize a bypass valve or dual orifice design to control water flow.

HyPlex Prime Pressure Loading Tool
As with any high-performance machine, the HyPlex Prime pump requires periodic maintenance and service. Flow created exclusive tools to ensure easy, consistent, and reliable maintenance for all pump components. The HyPlex Prime Pressure Loading Tool allows users to quickly, easily, and accurately perform maintenance on high pressure components.

Packed With Technology

The Hyplex Prime is packed with technology. Listed below is a sample of some of the technology you will find on a Hyplex Prime – only from Flow:

  • 4,140 bar (60,000 psi) maximum generated pressure with 3,792 bar (55,000 psi) operating pressure.
  • Utilization of sealing technology found on Flow’s HyperPressure pumps, the highest pressure in the industry.
  • New, compact pressure loading tool allowing for fast, accurate, and repeatable maintenance.
  • Through an efficient single screw on tool, precisely tension all four tie rods, simultaneously.
  • Small and easily portable.
  • New high pressure configuration allows individual heads to be serviced independently of one another.
  • Pac-V patented control valve reduces maintenance and enables cutting at any pressure.
  • Increased seal life due to standard Hyplex Hybrid sealing technology.
  • Digital pressure readout displayed directly to the machine control, standard on most models.
  • Dual cartridge inlet water filtration to 0.5 micron, with inlet and outlet pressure gauges.
  • Mounted on its own purpose built skid for mobility, vibration isolation, and ease of service.
  • Optional hinged cover provides aesthetic appeal while not affecting accessibility.
  • Controlled via FlowMaster or FlowXpert solid state industrial PCs.