Jetplex Waterjet pump

Flow’s integrated lines of pumps are some of the technologically most advanced ultrahigh-pressure pumps available. In their second generation of design they feature advanced diagnostics, an improved hydraulic circuit and shifter for highly efficient pressure generation.

Like all Flow intensifier pumps our integrated pumps incorporate our advanced ESL (extended seal life) propriety ceramic intensifier plungers which minimize seal wear and increase seal life at least 50 percent. They also incorporate Flow’s exclusive, patented large volume attenuator to offer unmatched pressure stability at the cutting nozzle and generate a clean, smooth cut no matter what the material being cut.

Best of all, due to their space saving, integrated design allows them to fit into the frame of the XY cutting system and consume less valuable floor space than other, more conventional designs.


  • 50 iS II ESL Intensifier Pump
  • 100 iD II ESL Intensifier Pump

Flow designed the integrated pump to be easy to operate and to maintain. To that end, all pump controls are found on the machine tool operator interface screen, rather than remotely on the pump. All pressure settings and pump on/off are conveniently displayed at the operator station.

In addition to exceptional performance and high reliability, safety is designed into all Flow products. This unit is designed for safe, reliable, continuous operation in tough industrial cutting applications.