Jetplex Waterjet pump

The field-proven direct drive 55,000 psi JetPlex pump featuring our patented Pac-V™ technology — offers cost effective and efficient operation for your waterjet system. It’s easy to use with low maintenance and less water requirements.

Designed to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, JetPlex pumps are based on field-proven technology with more than 10,000 pumps installed worldwide, logging more than 65 million working hours. The design ensures the highest possible pressure stability available in a pump, with optimal performance, reliability and easy, predictable maintenance.

Key Benefits:

  • Good edge quality on parts and faster cutting speeds.
  • Lower utility bills. Less power and water consumed per horsepower of output, combined with lower maintenance costs, delivers the lowest overall operating pump costs in the industry.
  • Reduced downtime as compared to other direct drive pumps. Flow’s R&D staff and engineers design parts using sophisticated Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modeling software, where pressure-cycle fatigue life and structural characteristics can be predicted and analyzed on a computer.
  • Increased pump reliability. With Flow’s patented designs and high-quality materials, the JetPlex pump offers longer intervals between maintenance cycles than previous generations of direct drive pumps.
  • Simpler maintenance. With no hydraulic system, JetPlex pumps are easy to maintain.

Patented Automatic Control Valve
The JetPlex utilizes Flow’s Patented Automatic Control Valve, or Pac-V, to ensure quick reaction when changing operating pressure or opening and closing the flow of water through the cutting nozzle. The Pac-V is also easier and more reliable to use than designs that utilize a bypass valve or dual orifice design to control water flow.

Another benefit of Pac-V technology is that it allows the use of a wide range of orifice sizes, ensuring that you can tackle the most challenging and diverse applications.