Paser ECL Plus waterjet cutting system allows you to produce individual parts faster and at lower cost. It continually operates at peak cutting performance — guaranteeing that you cut as fast as possible at the lowest cost per inch. No additional cutting heads required to cut small and intricate parts.

PASER ECL Plus Redefines Peak Performance
Since its introduction, Flow International Corporation’s PASER 3 cutting system embodied peak performance within the abrasive waterjet industry.

Now, Flow’s PASER ECL Plus has redefined the metrics of peak performance-the fastest possible cutting speed and the lowest possible operating cost.

PASER ECL Plus combines the simple, yet sophisticated design of PASER 3, with newly refined and redesigned cutting head components. All PASER ECL Plus components are designed and manufactured within exceptionally tight tolerances.

This results in more precise alignment of components and produces the most coherent and concentric waterjet stream achievable. The outcome is 30% greater concentricity in the waterjet stream as it passes through the cutting head and nozzle.

More cutting power is directed at the work piece and less is deflected onto the cutting head components so that cutting is faster, more efficient, and parts last longer.