22.07 SpeedySeamer

The RAS is 22:07 SpeedySeamer forming stations with seven a multi-functional and cost-effective all-rounder for the production of folding for the ventilation industry. The high-quality machine variant RAS 22:09 brings to nine fold connections forming stations in top form. Both machines are designed for sheet thicknesses up to 1.5mm sheet steel. The profiles can be 20 mm high and the throughput speed reached 16 m / min.

Two sets of rollers at the same time built up that allow to produce the folds belonging together without converting the machine around Pittsburgh seam and standing seam or Schnappfalz and Nockenstehfalz. High-quality form of rolls of hardened special steel profile the lock seam. Provide additional security support tables that can be individually adapted to the different run levels of the right and left roller set.

Axial and radial roller bearings roller shafts ensure accurate matching profiles. A wide gearbox improves the guidance of the waves. For a quiet running gear ensures a high quality engine that brings the power without an intermediate gearbox and belt drive to the forming rolls.

The wear-resistant and hardened entrance guide comes with the most plasmage-cut metal edges not in contact. Replacement rope in the table are a thing of the past. By the hold-down pins in the intake guide can be pre-processed beaded panels easy. Optionally, a straightener for straightening or rounds of the folded sheet is available.

Ask for the RAS-roll sets.

The remote lets you DuctZipper air channels of professional quality faster, easier and more economical to manufacture. The RAS Kanalfalztechnik reduces the traditional usual three steps to one.
Where alternative manufacturing methods folding the first sheet, then fold on the second plate mount and connect the two folds and finally connect, the remote DuctZipper done everything in a single simple cycle! The remote control system keeps the sheet metal panels and continues with the passage through the machine. Once a rebate is completed, the operator places the sheet onto the plate cross-channel control system and pushes back on the home page. This is convenient and saves, and save energy in many cases even the second operator.